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I think plants and animals are priority. There is some evidence of a little bit of human life here. But there is mainly a focus on the natural setting. This is an area where a variety of animals live that people live in peace with them.

Here is a photo of an anteater that was hiding in the anteater exhibit.

The story of the Tree Of Life is about an ant who planted a seed with hopes that it will become a place that animals can take shelter and refuge in.

Here is a photo of some of the animals on the tree of life.

Here is a photo of a fish on a building in Discovery Island.

Here is a photo of the Lesser Flamingo.

Here is a photo of the Macaw flying.

Here is the story of Dino Land It used to be a small highway town. Chester and Hester used to own it. They found fossils so they opened a dinosaur gift shop.

Here is a pun.

Here is a photo of Big Sue

Here is a photo of Chester's and Hester's highway sign.

Here are some animal photos from the Kilimanjaro safari ride.

Here is a photo of me in Africa!

Here are two photos of animals on the Gorilla Falls trail. This bird is called the Great Blue Turaco. This a a photo of a gorilla laying down.

The main difference between monkeys and apes is that monkeys have a tail and apes don't.

Maharajah jungle trek story Legend has it that Anandapur Royal Forest used to be the hunting grounds for princes. They mainly used to hunt tigers.

Here are photos of two animals on the Maharajah jungle trek. This is the Taveta Golden Weaver This is a photo of a tiger

The flags on the Maharajah Jungle Trek represent Hindi and Sikh Culture.

Here is a photo of the Hindi language.

Everest story There used to be a tea shop near the mountain that was booming in business. The railway track that went through the mountain used to be the way that they delivered tea to a nearby region. But then the yeti got mad one day for an unknown reason and tore up the tracks and attacked the tea shop. It is now abandoned and the yeti still haunts the mountain to this day.

Here is a photo of what happens when you touch the plant in Pandora! The plant spits out spores when you touch it's heart.

Here is a photo of bioluminescence in the Na'vi River Journey Ride

I think the scientists would make habitats for the animals to study them. Business people would make tourist attractions like the eco safari. The Residents would just live with the animals in peace. Tourists would go to habitats and tourist attractions to have fun and take photos of the animals.