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1. Loki's backstory

2. The role of Loki

3. Storys about him

4. His children

5. The link between Loki and LGBT movement


He made a blood pact with Odin, The All-Father
He is the son of Laufey and Farbauti

Loki's backstory

  • God of mischief and cunning
  • Tricker/Jester
  • Various forms
  • Undefined sexuality

The role of Loki


Storys About him...

  • The birth of Sleipnir
  • The theft of Mjöllnir
  • His unknown child
A lot of representations of the God in our culture (books, movies/series, video games. In every reprsentations, we can see a reminder of his transexuality/undefined sexuality

The serie Loki shows us two Loki, his male version and his female version


  • His undefined sexuality
  • His transexuality
  • The fact that he can change form

Link between LGBT movement and Loki

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