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The abolition of the death penalty and the implementation of a penitentiary penal system. (pg.20) The peseta, the new currency of Spain, will be official upcoming October (pg. 21)Popular riots broke out in several cities, such as in Seville, where wheat multiplied its price by six, or in Granada, shouting "bread for eight [reals]." (pg.23)

I am writing to you with the purpose of expressing my opinion about your newspaper. The way you have informed us about the given events does not seem correct to me. The way you criticize our queen is unacceptable. Thanks to it, Spain, during a very complicated time, has managed to create profound processes of political change, such as political liberalism and the consolidation of the new state with a liberal and parliamentary imprint. He is a great example to follow since due to his circumstances he had to begin his reign. There should be no disrespect to our beloved queen despite her fall.

Few weeks ago, there was the first non public hanging in UK, Tomas Wells was hanged by William Calcraft, one of the main hangman of the kingdom. (pg. 8)

the first non public hanging in britain

"Wisdom, decency and objectivity in the new era of information"


Last August, 70.000 people died in a terrible earthqueake in Ecuador. It came 3 days after the Tsunami of Arica, in Chile. (pg.3)


While Henry was assigned as an officer of the garrison regiment in Madrid, he achieved the favor of the queen, who distinguished him with the title of Viscount of Miranda and with the Grand Cross of San Fernando. In 1856-57, Henry was stationed in Madrid, and Alfonso XII was born in November 1857.The affair with the queen has been an open secret and gossip at court, and led to Puigmoltó being removed from Madrid. He returned to his native Valencia where he interacted with the regional aristocracy and dedicated himself to politics, but everybody thinks that he could be the secret father of Alfonso the XII



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Since 1860, there has been significant discontent within society against the regime of Isabel II. It has been caused because the queen was becoming increasingly unpopular, and the government was becoming more authoritarian. Republicans and democrats were excluded from power and were dissatisfied with the conservatism of the governments, there were major economic problems causing unrest in both rural areas and cities.The Ostend Pact was the agreement signed on August 16, 1866, in the Belgian city of Ostend by the Progressive Party and the Democratic Party, at the initiative of the progressive general Juan Prim, to overthrow the monarchy of Isabel II of Spain. This pact, to which the Liberal Union joined in early 1868, has been the origin of "La Gloriosa," the revolution that yesterday deposed the Spanish queen.Two days ago, on September 19, 1868, a military uprising occurred in Cádiz, led by Admiral Juan Bautista Topete and Generals Juan Prim and Francisco Serrano.

20th of september, 1868

Benito Pérez Galdós has translated and published The posthoumus papers, Pickwick Club by Dickens. (pg. 11)

Political Newspaper

The spanish observer