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There are different areas we will explore in this topics:

Medicines Smoking & Drugs Alcohol Addiction Vaping

A drug is a substance that causes changes in your mind or body.This can be good changes or bad changes.There are 3 types of drugs:Medicines Legal drugs Illegal Drugs


Medicine is something you take to keep healthy or to make you feel better when you are unwell. There are different types of medicines we can take:



Alcohol is a liquid made from sugars. It is found in drinks, such as, wine, beer, cider and 'spirits'. Alcohol affects the way the brain works. This is why it is important to be safe with alcohol. If you take medication, alcohol can make you very sick or it can stop your medication from working.


Cigarettes are often made from tobacco which is leaves from a plant. Tobacco has nicotine in which makes it 'addictive', meaning people struggle to stop taking it. Smoking tobacco can cause many health problems and can make you very ill.


Some medicines can be bought in the shops. These can still be dangerous and should only be bought by a safe adult. Some examples are: Cough Syrup Paracetamol Antihistimine (Painkillers) (Hayfever medicine)

over the counter medicine

With prescription medicine, a doctor has to fill out a form to say you can have this. You can then collect it from the pharmacy. It is very important not to take medicine that does not have your name on and you must take the correct amount.

prescription medicine

Keep the packaging safe and sealed when it is stored away.
Do not take medicine you find or from a stranger.
Store medicine in a safe and secure place. Keep away from children and animals.
Only safe grown ups should give you medicine. E.g. Staff, Parents, Nurses or Doctors.
Medicines are used to keep us healthy and make us well, but can be dangerous if we are not careful. Some ways to keep safe are:

Keeping Safe around Medicines

We are going to match different items to 'Medicine' or 'Not Medicine'We are going to sort safe and unsafe places, people and situations in taking medicines.

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