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Practical Coaching Skills 2023-24



What are we going to need?

How will we be assessed?

How are we going to learn?


Where do you need to be and when?

Module Leader: Dr Katie Dray

How are we going to evaluate? This module will be assessed by a portfolio for which you will receive a grade. You can more details about this in the assessment section. We will also offer lots of formative assessment (i.e. you get to practice your skills for the final assessment)

Contact Email: Katie.dray@canterbury.ac.uk

Useful resources You will find all kinds of resources for each topic on the blackboard site, but if you want to get a head start; here some good textbooks to explore: Armour, K. (2011) Sport Pedagogy: An Introduction for Teaching and Coaching. London: Routledge. Pill, S., SueSee, B., Rankin, J., & Hewitt, M. (2021). The Spectrum of Sport Coaching Styles (1st ed.). Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003041443

What are we going to need You should come dressed appropriately for practical sessions, ideally in your Course Kit. It will also be helpful (but not essential) to have device (laptop, tablet, phone) to help you complete the online tasks and anything else you need to take notes.

Dr Katie Dray ___________________________________________________________ I'm the module leader for this second semester module; Practical Coaching Skills. I'm also the course director for BSc Sport Coaching.

Module Venue and Time Location: Polo Farm Sports Club (CCCU building is right at the end of the site) Day and Time: Semester 2 Friday's 1 - 4pm

Schedule The module meets every week in Semester 2. We will have one hour of class or practical work, followed by a combined practical session with the students in other years of the course, followed by reflective activities.

How are we going to learn? By a mixture of classroom activities, practical coaching experiences and online tasks. Blackboard will be used to provide some online learning resources that support what we have done in class, so it's important you attend!