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Our Campaign Objectives

Automative industry is one of the sectors that give the least share of screen time to female characters!

Media Trends


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Our Purpose and Our Target Audience

The purpose is to shatter gender stereotypes in the automotive world and position BMW as a champion of inclusivity, celebrating the strength, independence, and diversity of women who choose BMW.

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Revolutionize the Road

Challenges BMW Encounters


From a social aspect: Perception as a Non-Inclusive brand

From an economic perspective: Male-centric approach results in reduced sales and market share

Negative Impact on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Gender Equality Initiatives

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  • Social Media Engagement

  • Inclusive Marketing


  • Partnership with Influencers

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Statista Consumer Insights Global, January 2024



Strengthen Public Awareness through Partnerships

Increase Brand Perception Shift

Drive Female Engagement on Social Media




Imagine a BMW driver in a commerical?

is it a man?

Now imagine a world where gender makes no difference.

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Objective: Increase Brand Perception ShiftSpecific: Enhance positive brand sentiment related to inclusivity and diversity by reshaping the perception of BMW among women drivers.Measurable: Conduct pre and post-campaign surveys, aiming for a 20% increase in favorable responses regarding BMW's commitment to empowering and celebrating diverse women.Achievable: The objective is attainable considering the campaign's focus on empowerment and diversity, aligning with the brand message.Realistic: Given the campaign's emphasis on inclusivity, leveraging driving as a symbol of empowerment, this objective is realistic within the campaign's context.Targeted & Timely: Surveys will be conducted at the beginning and end of the campaign, with a timeframe of six months.Objective: Drive Female Engagement on Social MediaSpecific: Foster a sense of community and engagement among women drivers by increasing female participation on BMW's social media platforms.Measurable: Achieve a 25% increase in social media interactions, comments, and shares by women on BMW's official pages during the campaign period.Achievable: With tailored content and interactive initiatives, reaching a 25% increase in engagement is feasible.Realistic: Given the campaign's focus on celebrating women, engaging them on social media aligns with the overall message.Targeted & Timely: Regularly monitor and report social media metrics throughout the campaign duration.Objective: Strengthen Public Awareness through PartnershipsSpecific: Leverage the collaboration with the woman racing team to increase public awareness of BMW's commitment to women empowerment.Measurable: Achieve a 30% increase in media mentions, social media reach, and website visits attributed to the partnership during the campaign.Achievable: The partnership with the woman racing team provides a unique opportunity for increased visibility and positive association.Realistic: Given the attention-grabbing nature of such collaborations, a 30% increase in awareness is realistic.Targeted & Timely: Monitor and report partnership impact regularly, with a focus on the six-month campaign period.

Campaign Objectives

1)From a social aspect: Perception as Non-Inclusive brand: BMW has been perceived as a male-centric brand since 2002. Women are perceived as insignificant and replaceable, implying that BMW brand values men and believes that cars can only be associated with men. Thus, women feel worthless and do not prefer BMW.A male-centric focus might lead to a perception of BMW as a non-inclusive brand. In today's socially conscious market, consumers increasingly value brands that demonstrate inclusivity and diversity in their marketing, product design, and company values. 2) From an economic perspective: With women, 37.8% more likely to choose an Audi than a BMW, and 38.3% less likely to choose a BMW than a man. Therefore, it is claimed that, these challenges were clearly having a knock-on effect on business results, decreasing BMW’s economic growth. Women represent a significant and growing segment of the car-buying market. By not targeting them effectively, BMW risks missing out on a substantial portion of potential customers, which impacts sales and market share.3) Negative Impact on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Gender Equality Initiatives: A male-centric strategy could conflict with broader CSR and gender equality initiatives, both within the company and in its external branding and marketing efforts. This could lead to internal and external criticism, potentially affecting public perception.

Top 3 Challenges

Inclusive Marketing: Capitalizing on the trend of inclusivity in marketing, where brands are celebrated for embracing diversity and breaking stereotypes.Social Media Engagement: Leveraging the power of social media platforms for community-building and engagement, particularly platforms like Instagram, where visual storytelling can be impactful. Social media continues to be a powerful tool for brand campaigns. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are popular among younger audiences. Consider creating visually appealing content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interactive elements to engage your target audience.Partnership with Influencers: Collaborating with influencers and ambassadors to amplify the campaign's reach and credibility, tapping into the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Partnering with influencers, especially those with a strong female empowerment or automotive focus, can amplify your message. Collaborating with women F1 drivers aligns well with your campaign and can help in reaching a broader and more diverse audience.Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR): Explore immersive experiences using VR/AR technologies. Virtual showrooms, test drives, or interactive experiences can bring the campaign message to life and create a memorable connection with your audience

Media Trends

As seen in the chart below, sales of automobile purchases are higher for men rather than women. This is why in our campaign we aim to target dynamic women aged 25-54 in order to break the stereotypical approach towards automobiles. Market research indicates that new BMW buyers are 64% male and 36% female which is concerning. Our aim is to find women within’ our target reach who are active on Instagram with content related to women empowerment in order to attract more women customers.

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