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Group 6

Activity 2 - challenges, trends, and our purpose

Key challenges

difficulty retaining and acquiring new subscribers

Loss of subscribers

Emergence of Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount+, etc.

Increased competition

Constant changes in content consumption and shortening attention spans

Changing consumer behaviour

Media Trends

1. Regaining Popularity - Improving cinema attendance post-pandemic, 33% of consumers are more focused when watching at the cinema2. Hybridisation of Digital and Physical Entertainment - Growing trend in blending digital content with physical experiences3. Influencer Marketing - Increased collaboration with popular opinion-leaders4. Social Viewing Experiences - Trends towards shared viewing experiences, such as watch parties, both physical and virtual

smart objectives

1. achieve a 30% subscription upgrade in the cinema subscription plan by september 2025

2. Increase engagement with Netflix original productions by 15%

4. Increase annual Revenue by 10% by september 2025

3. gain exposrure on 5 national media outlets between august 2024 and december 2024

  • Demographics
    • Men & women aged between 18-34 (Gen Z)
    • Young professionals
  • Interests and behaviours:
    • tech-savvy Customers who enjoy premium cinema and enhanced cinematographic experiences
    • regular entertainment consumption and willingness to invest in subscription services

Target audience


and Remember,We want to entertain the world!