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Unit Code: H9E1 35

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//Unit Purpose

This Unit is designed to develop an understanding of podcasts, how to generate a concept, how they differ from other forms of digital media, their technical requirements and how to make them accessible to an audience.

On successful completion of the Unit you will be able to: 1 Explain the concept of podcasting. 2 Develop and pitch a marketable idea for a series of podcasts. 3 Produce and publish a series of podcasts.


//Outcome 1

Explain the concept of podcasting.Evidence Requirements

  • provide a definition of podcasting.
  • describe how podcasting is different from other online content
delivery methods.
  • describe the production process required to create a podcast.
  • describe a variety of online podcast platforms.
  • explain what an RSS feed is.
  • outline examples of online marketing used for podcasting.
  • describe regulations relevant to podcasting

//Outcome 2

Develop and pitch a marketable idea for a series of podcasts.Evidence Requirements

  • produce a pitch.
  • prepare and deliver a pitch presentation in conditions that reflect current industry practice.
  • identify appeal of series to target audience.
  • explain production process.
  • identify suitable online marketing strategies to support podcast

//Outcome 3

Produce and publish a series of podcasts.Evidence Requirements

  •  produce a series of three related podcasts suitable to a defined audience.
  •  create a suitable quality MP3 mix-down of podcasts with completed metadata.
  •  ensure the attribution of intellectual property is appropriate.
  •  upload content to an online podcasting platform with completed metadata.
  •  provide an RSS feed that can be subscribed to in regular podcast clients.
  •  develop an online promotional presence for published podcasts.
  •  adhere to regulatory guidelines.

//Assignment 1: A report on podcasting

//Assignment 3:A series of three related podcasts.

//Assignment 2: A Spoken pitch for your podcast series

Radio Branding & Imaging

Working in the Radio & Audio Industry

//There are two other Units we will cover on Tuesdays...



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Once you have completed at least three episodes of your podcast, please submit a link to your feed and the social media account(s) used to market your podcast.

Assignment 3: Completed Podcast Series

This unit is designed to develop your understanding of how a radio station’s brand is communicated on and off-air. To complete the unit, you will show your understanding of different branding/ imaging elements and station positioning/ demographics, evaluate imaging material from different radio stations, and create imaging material for radio. The unit involves two Assignments:

Radio Branding & Imaging

  • 1. Write a report identifying and evaluating a range of different imaging audio from several radio stations.
  • 2.Create imaging audio for various radio programmes for which you are the producer.

Each student will deliver a pitch for their own podcast idea. It should include a description of your podcast idea, it's contents and target audience, how it will be produced, research covering similar podcasts, and how it will be marketed.

Assignment 2: Oral Pitch

Deliver a spoken pitch to the class

This can either be in the form of an individually written report of 600-words minimum, or a 5 minute audio podcast in small groups. However, each member of the group must make an even contribution.

Assignment 1: Report

Explain the concept of podcasting in detail.

This unit focuses on creating and promoting content, building an online brand through different social media platforms, and understanding the roles and responsibilities of working as an employee and freelancer.

Working in the Radio & Audio Industry

  • 1 create an online brand
  • 2 create a demo and network with it
  • 3 investigate operational features, working patterns and conditions in the radio and audio industry