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Instructions Move through the idea-seed generation steps of thought - feeling - action - sensation by clicking each button. As you do so, take notes (in the note pad) using the prompts below. Use the 'copy to clipboard' button to copy and paste your notes into another document (they won't be saved here)

Prompts to create a bank of "Mmenos"A: Think, Feel, Act, Sense This is something most people do automatically. You don't usually need to do anything to generate Think, Feel, Act, Sense B: Record the more notable things that you are thinking feeling and sensing Whilst you don't need to do anything to think, feel, act, or sense things You may need a method for caputuring what you are thinking, feeling, acting and sensing journalling (e.g Surrealist automatism - Wikipedia mindfulness or automatic writing) Pay particular attention to the shifts in senstations that you are feeling as these complete the cycle and generate rich images for you to record C. Store your recordings in a safe place. D. Return to your images and pick out the one that feel richest to you. Label these richer images 'Mmenos' E. Notice what type of experiences and processes generate the richest type of images (for example day dreaming, going for a walk or ideating in a small group) Try to engage in these processes more often. F Generate a bank of Mmemos (the Mmemosphere)