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Idioms and Phrasal Verbs


Pass with flying colours 定义:轻松通过,尤指考试成绩优异。 例句:"She passed her final exams with flying colours and got a scholarship for her outstanding performance."

Over the moon 定义:非常高兴,兴奋。 例句:"He was over the moon when he found out he had been promoted at work."

Pull a few all-nighters 定义:熬夜,尤指为了完成工作或学习。 例句:"I had to pull a few all-nighters this week to finish my thesis on time."

By heart 定义:记住,尤指完全不需要看书或提示。 例句:"She knows all of Shakespeare's sonnets by heart."

Old-school 定义:老派的,传统的。 例句:"He's an old-school teacher who believes in strict discipline in the classroom."

Bookworm 定义:书虫,指非常喜欢阅读的人。 例句:"Ever since she was a child, she's been a real bookworm, always buried in books."

Pass with flying colours 定义:轻松通过,尤指考试成绩优异。 例句:"She passed her final exams with flying colours and got a scholarship for her outstanding performance."

Copycats 定义:抄袭者,模仿他人的人。 例句:"There are too many copycats in the industry, but original ideas are rare."

Stand out 定义:脱颖而出,显得突出。 例句:"Her talent for singing really makes her stand out in her class."

Teacher's pet 定义:老师的宠儿,指受老师特别喜爱的学生。 例句:"He always does extra homework and helps the teacher, which is why he's considered the teacher's pet."

Go the extra mile 定义:做额外的努力,超越预期的工作。 例句:"She always goes the extra mile to ensure her customers are happy with their purchases."

  • Pass with flying colours
  • Over the moon
  • Pull a few all-nighters
  • By heart
  • Old-school
  • Bookworm
  • Copycats
  • Stand out
  • Teacher's pet
  • Go the extra mile

  1. After studying hard for months, she _____________ in her exams. (pass with flying colours)
  2. When he received the news of his promotion, he was _____________. (over the moon)
  3. To complete the project on time, the team had to _____________ last week. (pull a few all-nighters)
  4. She can recite the poem _____________ without looking at the text. (by heart)
  5. My grandfather has some _____________ views on technology and prefers writing letters over emails. (old-school)
  6. My little sister is a _____________; she reads more books than anyone else I know. (bookworm)
  7. In the fashion world, there are many _____________, but few truly original designers.(copycats)
  8. In a team of talented players, it's hard to _____________. (stand out)
  9. In every class, there's always one student who is the _____________. (teacher's pet)
  10. She always _____________ for her clients, providing exceptional service. (goes the extra mile)

Dialogue Scene: Two students are talking about their upcoming final exams. Student A: "I really need to put in extra effort for these exams. I want to do well in all my subjects." Student B: "I know you can do it, you always go the extra mile. I remember last time, you passed with flying colors in all your subjects." Student A: "Yes, but I had to pull a few all-nighters to study. This time I want to start earlier so I don't have to work so hard." Student B: "Sounds like a plan. I should do the same. I need to stop being the teacher's pet and start learning some real stuff." Student A: "You're right. We should form a study group. I’ve learned by heart a lot of math formulas, maybe I can help you with that." Student B: "That would be great. I've also been reading a lot of history books, I'm a real bookworm. I can help you review for history." Student A: "We definitely can't be copycats, we need to show our real abilities." Student B: "Exactly, we need to stand out in the exams!"