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What is the aim of these sessions?

What sessions can I attend and how can I book a place?

Listening Skills

ASkE: Academic Skills in English

What is the aim of these sessions?

We aim to build your confidence by developing your ability to:

  • be an active listener
  • use strategies to help your listening
  • recognise when lecturers are delivering key points
  • ask for clarification when you may not have understood something

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Listening to lectures in a second, or third, language can sometimes be hard work!We will look at strategies to help with this, as well as provide listening practice and opportunities for you to explore your own listening skillsIt is a relaxed and social course where you can meet other students and work on your skills together

What sessions can I attend and how can I book a place?

Please see below for the topic of the sessions and to book a place:

Predicting content

Selecting strategies

Identifyingn key terms and concepts

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Following signposting language

Following up on a lecture

Connecting ideas

What students have said about the sessions

'I learned to make my expression more natural in different contexts, and also more confident.'

'The contents are also very useful and flexible while tutors provide linguistic skills and professional instructions with passionate supports.'

'I became brave when we communicated in these lessons'

'It can make acquaintance with others, also learn extra English skills.'

'It's a good start for a non-native speaker to catch up with life in the UK'