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Discussing the potential of our redesigned stillage to be installed within the business

Stillage Redesign










It was identified that standard stillages take up significant amounts of space during transportation when being returned after usage.The aim was to redesign a stillage that can utilize space by reducing it's volume.Goals: save time and space during transport of empty stillages.

What was the issue presented within the Design Brief?

  • The altered design included volume reducing features, mainly done through the removable and folding walls of the stillage
  • Dimensions are 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm in the unfolded state
  • Dimensions are 1000 x 1000 x 250 mm in the folded state
  • Internal envelope is 919 x 872 x 845 mm
  • Weight of 136.21kg and Maximum load capacity of 1000kg
  • Considering weight and size, can carry up to 200 small castings (weight = 5kg, dimensions = 150 x 150 x 100mm)
  • Compatible to BS ISO 509 - 1996 (standard pallet trucks and pallet fork dimensions) due to the 100mm clear entry and 1000 x 1000 mm base
  • Easy to dismantle due to simple locking, folding and removable features

How did we resolve the issues identified?


Empty folded stillages can be returned in the company vechicle


Compliant to Design Brief and 83% compliant to specifcation as some requirements are TBD due to analysis and test


Filled stillages can be transported in the company vehicle


Reduction in size when in the folded condition


In terms of saving space and time, with this stillage we are now able to return with 763% more stillages than to what is being transported, due to the space reduction capabilites.Benefits of this allow reduced transport and efficient space consumption when travelling.

What were the improvements from the previous design?


Signs + Instructions

After manufacturing, signage with hazards and instructions will be attached to stillage


All edges on the assembly are deburred to avoid injuries due to sharp edges

Weight Reduction

Use of meshing + hollow box sections allow low weight design and easy dismantle

What have we done to ensure the stillage is safe to use?


Brief met on time

Specification met

Final Outcomes and Steps forward


Any Questions?


• The stillages are used for the storage and transportation of small castings (typical envelope size 150x150x100, typical mass 4-5kg)• The stillages are loaded/unloaded/moved using a pallet/forklift truck. • The stillages are transported using the company’s industry standard 32 tonne curtainsider vehicles (technical details supplied) • The stillages are likely to be stored outside. • The stillage should have a maximum load capacity of 1000kg. • The stillages should be reasonably quick to assemble/disassemble and should not contain loose parts that could get lost. • The stillages should be capable of being stacked. For information • The stillages are currently an all-welded construction. • The current stillages have mesh sides. • The current stillages are manufactured from steel and have a powder-coated finish.

Design Brief