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Helps to overcome issues around humidity and cold temperatures. Infra red light penetrates through all paint layers to ensure thorough cure.The use of short wave infra red technology enables body fillers, primers and paints to be cured in typically 10 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes in an oven.

1kW Handheld Infrared Unit with Stand

A composite rigid floor with a fiber-mesh inlay. An extreme anti-slip, this floor maximizes worker safety, efficiency, and keeps cargo in place. It is engineered to endure all climates and temperatures without bulging or buckling. It is extremely durable, impact resilient, moisture resistant, and rot proof.

LEGEND Stabiligrip Floor

Dual polypropylene outer skins laminated to a central fluted plastic core. Its lightweight properties increase payload and reduce fuel consumption.The scratch resistant, wipe clean non-absorbent surface ensures that the cargo interior space keeps its quality image for a maximum length of time.

LEGEND Econolite Walls

A bespoke racking system, designed and manufactured to the customers specification. Fully crash tested and in a durable powder coat / galvanised finish, the racking and workbench will help keep the workspace organised and efficient.