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Prophet Ya'qub


Lineage of prophet Ya'qub

Prophet Ya’qub was the grandson of Ibrahim As​Ya’qub AS was the son of Ishaaq AS​He had twelve sons , two of whom were prophets Yusuf AS and Binyameen AS​He was born in Palestine and died in Palestine where he was buried near his grandfather Ibrahim AS​

summary of Prophet Ya'qubs life

  • He was a prophet who dedicated his life towards spreading the message of the one true god. He had 12 sons whom he loved dearly, though Yusuf (as) loved the most.
  • Yaqub once allowed his son Yusuf to go out with the rest of the brothers, he was known for his patience and decided to put his trust in Allah.
  • He was separated from his most beloved son at the hands of his other children, but he remained steadfats in his deen and even went blind from crying so much.
  • This links to one of the most well known miracles of Allah (Swt) - Yaqub (as) regained his sight when the shirt of his son was placed over his eyes.

We are all aware of the story but every story has a purpose...Does anyone know what the purpose or moral behind this story is?

The moral of this story

There are 2 parts to Iman:1. Patience 2. GratitudeYaqub (as) is a perfect example of this when he faced hardships in terms of his family life.His genuine patience and tank for Allah sets an examle that if we place unwavering trust in Allah (swt) it will never fail us.

A few Quran ayahs to think of when in difficulty.

Question and Answer

1)Who was the father of Binyameen (as)?2)How many brothers did Yusuf (AS) have?3)Where was Yaqub (as) born?4)Recall any ayah that has been mentioned today?5)What is the "well-known" miracle that was mentioned?Bonus (4 points):Summarise the dream, wich allowed Yaqub (as) to realise that Yusuf (as) would be granted propethood?

Mahnoor, aMINa and alisha