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A lot of effort was put into the event and we had some great end results, especially considering how little we spent to turn the ideas into a bigger event, we all showed very effective budgeting skills.


We made everyone that attended the event leave happy which was incredibly important to us. We worked very hard to make our ideas turn into a reality, each component required a lot of work but we did it. Each component was also effectively managed during the event, to ensure we were demonstrating good customer service skills. This was one of our strongest points, the majority of personnel were very hands on and helpful at the event.The set up on the day of the event was very smooth, we had help from first year business students which was much appreciated and our entire class helped with moving, setting up and decorating. We ended the event in profit as we raised money, and kept the event as sustainable as possible with leftover food being used later at another college event and resources brought second hand.

Date of the event: 14th December 2023Time of the event: 11:00am-15:00pmLocation: Business Corridor Level 2

The Details

The NKC Christmas Cosy was an event planned to bring the traditional christmas feel to the college as well as get everyone together for some festive fun at the end of a long term.

The Event

For the next event we will...

  • Buy our resources much in advance so we do not end up without them at the event.
  • Gain access to the card machines before the day of the event so they can be set up as necessary.
  • Hold regular meetings with the team to find out what stage everyone is up to and what they are currently working on for the event, keeping everyone informed.
  • Not hold the event on a quiet college day, instead plan and find out which day is busiest.
  • Promote the event for longer beforehand, so more people are aware of it and when it's being held.

We will use our strengths and weaknesses from this event to pre-plan and make improvements based on these for the next event. We can make sure we continue to do what went well and improve the areas that were not so successful.


One of the biggest advantages we had for the event was that the college had not organised any Christmas events that was inclusive of the entire college, as events that did run were on days some courses, including Business, do not attend. Meaning our event was appealing as it was something the students had not had the opportunity to do this year yet.On top of this, another component that made the event more attractive for the students is that some teachers were allowing their students a break to come down to the event, which in turn meant they ended up spending less time in lesson which appealed to them all.


No event is ever perfect, there are multiple things that could've been done better at our event, however this leaves us room for improvements in the future.Firstly, there should've been more communication between the team in the planning stage of the event as at times it was unorganised, however on the day it all came together brilliantly. Some of the class was not overly helpful after the event had been set up and spent a large amount of time in the Cosy Corner, it would have been nice to have seen more participation from some of these individuals. On a better note, the majority of the team were very hands on and showed excellent customer service and management skills.We could have also raised more money at the event, however we were limited due to multiple contributing factors which did not help with this. Given the circumstances, we were succesful to end the event with profit made, which will be used for the next event.

To Conclude...

The event was a success despite the challenges we faced we managed to run the event, make money and hit our main goal of bringing people together. We were able to demonstrate that we can manage an event and all it entails, the team worked very hard on the event and a huge amount of planning went into it. There are aspects that could have been better however as a whole considering we planned this fairly quickly it was a good event. Every problem that we crossed was delt with in a professional and appropriate manner and the event ran smoothly thanks to the work of our team and the extra help we had on the day of the event.


The main goal we wanted to achieve with this event was to bring the college community together, while doing so it also brought our class closer together as we planned and worked with one another to turn all our ideas into a reality. Everyone that attended our event left with a smile on their face after having a good time enjoying what we had planned and prepared. On top of this, we also raised money that will be used for future events. Although it was not a huge sum of money, it was not the main focus of the event. We sourced all of our resources in the most sustainable manner possible, we brought some of it second hand and a huge proportion was contributions from the team that they already owned at home. Meaning we kept the spending down and raised more money as well as caused minimal environmental damage.

Our main achievements...- Raised money that we will use for future events. - Brought joy to everyone who attended the event. - As a team oraganised and held a successful event - Demonstrated all the skills we have learnt so far.


We encountered several challenges with this event, we had to use effective problem solving skills to work around them and still hold the event to a good standard.Initially the first challenge we had to work around was the amount of time we had to plan and hold the event, we only had a couple of weeks to plan, finalise and run the event.Another issue we also ran into was that some of the resources that had been ordered did not turn up until the event was nearly finished, meaning we could not use them and we had to source alternatives on the day of the event.At the start of the event we could not get the card machines from Dartford to connect, we had to source an alternative while this issue was being resolved, fortunately I had predicted a problem could crop up and brought in my card machine so we had one while the others were unusable.The college was very quiet on the day of the event, it was the final day of term so teachers had been letting thier students leave classes early for the christmas break, by the afternoon the college was nearly empty so we did not generate as large of an audience as we had previously planned for.