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Emotional Empathy

Compassionate Empathy

Cognitive Empathy

Compassionate empathy goes beyond understanding and sharing emotions; it involves a desire to help and alleviate the suffering of others. It combines cognitive and emotional empathy with a compassionate response. This type of empathy might look like feeling moved to offer support or assistance when someone is experiencing distress.

Also known as "perspective-taking" or "intellectual empathy," cognitive empathy refers to the ability to understand and grasp another person's perspective, thoughts, and emotions without necessarily sharing the emotional experience. An example of this is understanding why someone is feeling a certain way without personally feeling the same emotions.

Emotional empathy involves actually sharing the emotional experience of another person. It's the capacity to feel the same or a similar emotion in response to someone else's feelings. For example, feeling sad when a friend is going through a difficult time or feeling joy when someone shares good news are examples of emotional empathy.