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Explore how Digital Product Passports work and the benefits they bring.


Track and trace your product's entire journey through the supply chain - from the sourcing of raw material, to purchase. Your business is also able to facilitate regulatory compliance by collating the necessary documents into the digital product passport, for streamlined checks.

Measure and analyse the carbon footprint of your products through the supply chain, giving you better insight to make positive steps to carbon reduction. DPP can also detail the types of raw material used for your product’s creation and highlight useful sustainable information.

DPP presents the opportunity for your business to open an additional communication channel, directly to your customers. Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service teams can all utilise this to offer new benefits and information, meaning an increase to your brand loyalty.

Your business can implement servicing information, as well as an array of other helpful content, such as aftercare instructions or restyling tips. DPP can also give confirmation to your sustainable claims, increasing the value perception of your products.