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Quests to build AI, Entrepreneurship & Design Skills in 10-25 year olds to prepare them for College, Career, and Life


Equitably develop a million young people globally with the skills and the network to solve the biggest challenges of today/tomorrow.


Development of values-driven AI, Design & Entrepreneurship- skills in the 10–25-year-olds across the world


Most valuable companies of our generation built around tech, design, entrepreneurshipMost disruptive companies of tomorrow will solve challenges including ESG, efficiency and consumer experiences

Lumi: Our Purpose

15+ years in Robotics, Applied Linguisitics, and Design Thinking

Dr. Tatia WaQuest DesignerLondon

Member of House of Lords, Former MP & Cabinet Minister, UK

Seasoned Chair of Global Businesses, Knight

Lord Henry BellinghamChairmanLondon

Tech. & AI Expert, Google

13+ years in software engineering at Youtube, Deloitte

Ethan GillTech Advisor London

College and Career Readiness, ex-College Board

Curriculum and Quest Designer, Imperial College London Prof

Design Thinking & Innovation, Stanford University Prof

Ed-Tech & Multi-exit Entrepreneur,ex-McKinsey

15+ years in global education management, management consulting

Harish MenonVice President, InternationalDubai

23+ years as VC, Stanford Professor & World Leading Design Thinking Expert

Dr Christopher ShenCo-founder & Chief Innovation OfficerSan Francisco

23+ year track record in 5 startups. Recognised leader in global Ed-Tech

Prashant RaizadaFounder - CEO London

Lumi comprises a top-notch global team with deep experience in entrepreneurship, technology, and education

Lumi was conceptualised by a father & son duo in 2020

  • We run digital, scalable cohort-based Quests
  • Supported by an AI-augmented online learning platform
  • Participants produce novel tech-enabled innovations to global or business problems
  • And develop Future of Work skills such as entrepreneurship, design and AI-readiness.

Lumi develops entrepreneurship skills in young people to help them shape their future and that of the planet

Topics linked to UNSDGs (e.g., Sustainable Cities, Climate Change, Health)

Prof. Christopher Shen, Co-Founder of Lumi


Live, facilitated sessions undertaken in 8-15 weeks or as a week-long hackathon

Up to 10 participants/Quest from across year-groups or a single one

Developed with Renowned Design-Thinking & Innovation Professor at Stanford University

Key Phases of the Quest

The Lumi Quest: A design-thinking-led journey

A Glimpse of the Lumi Quest

  • Method: A Quest- an interactive design-thinking led curriculum-
  • AI-assisted tools to enhance creativity and productivity
  • People: Trained facilitators from top universities
  • Platform: An engaging learning space that fosters collaboration

Lumi’s AI-enabled platform combines four things:

How Lumi works

Incentivising users to buy less food to reduce waste!

Five 11-14 year olds

Three 14-16 year olds

Two 13 year olds

Five 12-14 year olds

Five 11-15 year olds

Two 12 year olds

Three 17 year olds

Three 15 year olds

Connecting care homes with schools globally for learning, in a safe way!

Offering grocers soon to expire food at discount - contributing a % to a good cause!

Win point & buy gifts for your virtual pet by taking shorter showers!

Allowing locals to deliver food to the elderly & disabled!

Pre-ordered school meals to reduce food waste!

An interative curriculum building awareness on forms of equality!

Our Quests have led to over 80 innovations from young people tackling various global issues locally, across 14 countries.

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Measure & improve your green impact while competing with friends!

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Key Skills Developed by Lumi

Each participant obtains a Future Skills Passport: A proprietary credential that tracks and showcases Quest outcomes & key skills

Aligned with Gatsby Benchmarks




Opportunity to launch a student startup hub involving parents, alumni & with access to global experts via Lumi
A Partnership between:
Chance to be part of AI for Climate Action Consortium for Youth, launched at COP28
Standout college applications with counselling from experts at Lumi with deep experience in college admissions

Wider benefits to the school and the students

80+ innovations tackling global issues

Influenced over 10K peopleworldwide

Over 50% of participants are female

Lumi has worked with students in 14+ countries

identified Lumi as an emerging provider in the Ed-Tech sector, 2023Showcased at the Early Stage Investor Conference as a high potential ventureShowcased by The Commonwealthat COP27

1000+ students have experienced Lumi


Global Impact + Public Recognition


School Roster

The Foundation School

  • St Ignatius (UK)
  • Hamiliton (Mexico)
  • Purium Schools (South Korea)
  • The Foundation School (India)
  • Inventure Academy (India)
  • Safa Community School (Dubai)

Lumi School Partners

  • Kings College Wimbledon (UK)
  • Putney High School (UK)
  • Repton School (UK)
  • Donhead Prep School (UK)
  • Cowley International College (UK)
  • Charterhouse (UK)
  • De La Salle School (UK)


UN Conference of Parties

A Big Four Accounting Firm

A Global Healthcare Major

A UK Bank

A Major UK Bank

A Leading Tech. & Financial Info. Company

Talent-led collaboration to upskill apprentices and graduates with cutting edge future skills while solving sustainability challenges

A Global Tech Major

Impact & Outreach-led collaboration to run Quests with young people from the UK, India and Singapore and with deep involvement from employees as mentors

Knight Dragon- Global Real Estate Co.

Showcased by The Commonwealth at COP27 as a high impact venture to empower young people on the topic of Climate change
Impact focused collaboration with a UK Bank to run Future Cities & Inequality focused Quests for school students in the UK
Selected as a high potential startup within their Eco-Disruptive initiative, also sponsored to showcase innovations at the Cheltenham Literary Festival
Impact-led collaboration with Knight Dragon to run sustainability focused Quests for school students in the Greenwich Peninsula
Innovation and Impact-led collaboration with Nationwide to run Quests for underserved school students in NW England on the topic of Green Homes
Talent upskilling collaboration with a Big Four to run a quest for apprentices to develop Cybersecurity innovations

Leading global companies have sponsored Lumi Quests for schools and their young talent (select examples)

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What School Heads think about Lumi...


Launch Lumi as a Summer School Programme OR as a digital extension to existing Entrepreneurship and Innovation labs


Develop a thriving On Purpose Entreprenruship Hub involving parents, alumni and industry


Roll out Quests to wider year groups within school and incude ster schools globally


Integrate as part of in-curricular lessons/ projects


How Lumi can work with you


Parent, Putney High School

" The value the project has brought is creativity, resilience, problem solving, collaboration, presentation skills and technical skills. So a really broad and fantastic experience for the girls in terms of selecting and solving a real problem, as well as educating people about it as well. "

Member of Stanford Undergraduate Committee

" At Stanford we are increasingly looking for a different kind of applicant - someone who has done something different, delivered real-world impact. Lumi seems to offer a chance to do exactly that. "


Select Energy Transition innovations were showcased at COP27 in Egypt, 2022.See what happened here

The Commonwealth COP27 and COP28