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Assessment Workshop

Opener 5 minutes

  • In pairs on the VLE find out
  • What week are the draft and final submission of the next assessment due in?
  • Find out - what is the form of the next assessment?
  • What does the task specifically require you to do?

Task 1 - 2 mins

In pairs examine the assessment brief - think about the task we have asked you to do

  • What are the first steps you think need to take?

Task 2 - Planning

  • You must now start planning for your final assessmet
  • This means you need to do the following
  • Identify the 2 thinkers you will use?
  • What case study could you use?
  • What sections will your case study have
You may use the planning document belowOr another method e.g. mindmap if you find that more helpful