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Strike-A-Chord, Battle Of The Bands

Lily, Laura, Isaac, Charlie, Lee and Dillon.



Assetts and Marketing

Things we have sorted and things we have in mind...



  • Copy + Paste caption for social media.
  • Formatted advertisements on different social media sites including facebook, instagram stories and feed for bands and the venue to post.
  • Physical posters advertising auditions AND the actual event.
  • Video formatting.
  • Flyers with coupons for discounted entry.

(A lot of the info included in these assets has already been drafted in the office form description for auditions)

Job roles and tasks

Lily- Social mediaLaura- Ticketing, front of houseCharlie- Budgeting, videographer.Dillon- Logo design, stage managing.Isaac- Stage managing.Lee- Stage presence, marketing.


- We initially discussed general gig ideas then settled for a battle of the bands.-We visited venues and gave them a rating out of ten as of how suitable they'd be to use.- We decided on The Angel (The Chapel).- We discussed logo design ideas and colour schemes.- We brainstormed names.- We made a rough day schedule.-We discussed prizes and booked a photographer.-We overcame hurdles (catering it as a non-related uni event in order to stand out from the confetti one)-We had multiple teams and real life meetings to brainstorm ideas.-We looked at charities to work with.-We started looking into marketing assetts (logo design etc.)-We drafted an audition office form.


For the outcome of the event we want to achieve a mass reach to encourage younger musicians in starting their musical career, especially in the live sector. We want to be a voice and a platform for bands wanting to spread their name. We also want to help upcoming musicians through the chosen charity to ensure inspirational people can afford their chosen instruments and pave the way for the musicians of the future. Which is what we will seek out in our charities,

- Use of strobe lighting (warn in advance)
- Trip hazards (ensure all wires and equipment on stage are tucked away!)
- Alcohol being served in certain venues.
- Staying within venue capacity to avoid overcrowding and potentialn accidents moshing etc.
- Equal opportunity no matter the background.

Risk Asessment

Whilst a risk asessment is still in the works dependant on the chosen venue, here are some risks and ethical considerations we have made...

Thank you!

Venue visiting...
Discussing a name...
Day schedule...