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Mastering Everyday English Phrases

Hang out with 定义: 与某人一起度过闲暇时光。 I love hanging out with my friends at the café.

Fall out 定义: 与某人发生争执,关系恶化。 They fell out over a silly misunderstanding.

Get on 定义: 与某人相处融洽。 I get on well with my colleagues.

Take after定义: 在外貌或性格上像家中的某个成员。She takes after her mother in her artistic talent.

Look up to定义: 敬仰某人,将某人视为榜样。 Many students look up to their teachers.

Grow apart 定义: 逐渐失去联系,关系疏远。 As we grew older, we just grew apart.

Split up 结束关系,尤指情侣或夫妻。 After five years together, they decided to split up.

Hang out with Fall out Get on Take after Look up to Grow apart Split up

A. "They ended their relationship last month." B. "I often spend time at the park with my best friend." C. "As kids, we were close, but over the years, we just stopped communicating." D. "Everyone admires her for her courage and determination." E. "He's always had the same smile as his dad." F. "Despite the disagreement, they remain good friends." G. "Our argument last week really hurt our friendship."