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Types of Pollution


ecosytem and food chain

extictionof animal species

Main causes

nuclear waste

Soil pollution

Soil pollution is one of the most serious forms of pollution because it undermines the presence of fertile soil and causes a substantial disruption of ecosystems and a serious loss of biodiversity.

intensive agriculture



food chain

Main causes

toxic substances


Marine pollution is a global phenomenon that concerns, among other things, the release of plastic, pollutants and oil into the sea. Every year large quantities of pollutants enter the world's oceans: waste, plastic and chemicals

Water pollution

-Who it affects -What is it caused by


-Definition -Why is it dangerous

What can we do

What is it caused by

Who it affects

Light pollution

Why is it dangerous


Air pollution cause a harmful effect on living beings, the environment on human health, ecosystems, buildings, materials and the climate.

Air pollution

Air pollution is a very important environmental and social issue and, it is a very complex problem.

Air pollutants are emitted from anthropogenic and natural sources.

Air pollution includes all the physical, chemical and biological agents that modify the natural characteristics of the Earth's atmosphere.

To reduce air pollution, we must lower carbon emissions.

Thermal pollution

Thermal pollution is a temperature anomaly that is caused in most cases by human activities.

What are the causes of thermal pollution?

What are the consequences of thermal pollution on the environment and human health?

Who's in charge

Getting crowded

The problem

Space pollution

The contamination of space from non-working and decommissioned satellites, abandoned rocket stages and other debris. An estimated 20,000 objects considered "space junk" have been tracked; however, more than a million smaller pieces are estimated.

near monuments

corruption of historical monuments




Building violations

Illegal building


Architectural Pollution

Architectural pollution refers to multiple phenomena that alter and disturb the aesthetics and functionality of natural, urban ecosystems, landscapes and individual architectural artefacts.