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Now, it’s important to know that it’s not all about the checkout. It’s about the people! By recognising the points where customers encounter obstacles or friction in their shopping experience, Fujitsu knows where to place technology solutions and create a seamless experience and a happy customer. Changing rooms are a prime example of this. Having to queue for a room may be one thing, checking in your items, another. It’s a highly controlled process which is often not easy for the customer or their friends and family. What about when you want to show your outfit to your friend? Are they allowed in with you? Is it awkward to ask? Do they just walk in? The anxiety is real! The point is, uneasy customers don’t make purchases. So what if you walked into your fitting room, and could request a different size or colour without having to leave the booth or awkwardly raise your voice? What if you could show off your outfit in person, or by sending a photo or video, and then decide to make the purchase there and then? Make your payment and leave without any hassle? That’s what Connected Retail offers! It looks at the customer as the point of sale, and recognises that the checkout isn’t involved in that decision making process! By seeking out those decision making moments and placing accessible technology in the right places at the right times, friction is reduced and rate of sales will soar.

Enabling inclusive shopping experiences through physical and digital convergence. This will be realised through connectivity and inclusivity; network evolution will allow people to connect with empathy, maximising their potential.

Increasing well-being through High Performance Computing (HPC), AI-enabled drug discovery and genomic medicine. Innovation can be achieved by developing at quantum speed. The integration of computing and AI will enable the entire innovation process to be completed ultra-fast in the digital space.

Increasing productivity in a decreasing-population society through AI-enabled automation. This will be achieved through amplifying creativity; people and AI will collaborate creatively to share knowledge and boost performance.

Reducing congestion and CO2 emissions with mobility digital twins (a digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object!) The creation of digital twins enables the future to be redesigned and made stronger.

Improving traceability of materials and products to increase recycling and reduce waste. By creating a system of trust, we can connect people to everything in a world without borders. This will help us keep improving and evolving towards a better future.