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How to play NumberellaNumberella is a boxed maths dice game packed with content and unpredictable game play. Players roll the dice and answer maths questions. Get the question correct to win ANT coins (the currency of Numberella). Each player also receives 3 fun fortune cards which make the game play more interesting and exciting. Watch out for The Thief, always sneaky and ready to swipe your coins or Harry Hijack, who lets you nab another player's card and have a a dice duel with them for the ANT coins. No previous experience is required; each game is a new adventure as players battle it out to win ANT coins and jewels!Each game is timed so that the winner is declared when the time is up. Numberella clubs run at local schools have had children returning term upon term.

Numberella Club is coming to Bovingdon Memorial Hall in 2024.A fun and engaging way to learn maths. Suitable for Years 2 - 6 (KS 1 and 2) 5 week courses will commence in the week beginning 26th February.Two 45 minute sessions per night.Club nights will be available:Mondays 4.15 to 5.00 pm and 5.05 to 5.50 pm.Fridays 3.30 to 4.15 pm and 4.20 to 5.05 pm.£12 a session or £50 for a full 5 week course. Contact Grant to sign up for Numberella Club. Places are limited, so to avoid disappointment don't delay. Sign up now.FREE 'House' badges for all participants and prizes at the end of each course. Follow your child's progress on the Numberella app.

Numberella Deluxe has been data proven by two separate trials to make children better at mathematics. The first trial took place at Boston Witham Academy in Lincolnshire. All of the children taking part improved their grades. To read the full report click here. The second trial took place at Gayhurst School, Buckinghamshire. In this trial, there was a control group who did not play Numberella. Those playing Numberella improved in their end of year assessment by twice as much as those in the control group. Watch the video: