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Ryburn Valley High School and IES Mata Jove

Task: Informing a student about the daily life in our school.





Share your findings here: https://padlet.com/paulaog/similarities-and-differences-between-spanish-and-english-hig-lzewve84n614b0co Similarities and differences between Spanish and English high schoolsShare your ideas and comment on...Padlet

Watch the video and answer the following questions: What do students need to be ready at the beginning of each day? The boy is in special classroom. What subject is it for? What is different about their lunchtime? What extracurricular activity is mentioned?

Further reseach


Go on these websites and find more similarities and differences between high schools in Spain and in England.

  • Remember to use the information from the previous steps.
  • Use the school's email platform to write the email and send it to your teacher.
  • The email should be between 60 and 100 words long.

Writing an email

Student exchange

Imagine an English student is coming to stay with you for a month. They will be attending school with you. Write an email to welcome them and inform them of the things they should expect when they arrive at school.