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The architect works with the clients needs in terms of how the building is to be used. They will plan, design and review the construction of the building.The architect then needs to make sure that the plans developed meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.Whilst doing this they will keep regular lines of communication open with the client.


The client is the first stage of a construction project. They define their vision and goals for a project and are actively involved throughout the project’s lifecycle.The client works alongside an architect when envisioning how they want the building to look, and then alongside the main contractor when the project work begins.They remain in contact throughout the project to make sure their wants and needs are fulfilled.


Engineers play a vital role in the execution of construction projects ensuring that the structures are built safely, efficiently and within specified budgets.They are responsible for selecting materials, co-ordinating schedules, and managing the implementation. When on site they will be overseeing the construction process.There are several types of engineers and each have a pivotal role in the process.


The quantity surveyor's role is to give advice on costs, helping to establish the total spend for project completion. They will be on the look-out for value and good availability.A quantity surveyor will primarily work on the construction sites, where they are also able to calculate any variation and extra work on site as per the requirement of the project.


The interior designer will work alongside the client to plan desired goals, visualize the space's functions and sketch the design plan. They will then order material and furnishings needed for the project.Before they begin ordering they will determine a project timeline and estimate the cost for the client. Then when installation begins they will supervise the process.


The responsiblity of a contractor in construction is the overall execution of the work activities that are required for completion of the project.With the cooperation of sub-contractors, they need to manage the equipment, materials and other services required for a smooth flowing process.Contractor's will appoint sub-contractors to execute certain parts of the project.


Sub-contractors are hired by main contractors to perform specific tasks on a construction project. They will work together to complete the project but ultimately have different roles and responsibilities.They are often self-employed and own a specific set of skills. This allows them to choose the jobs they wish to take. Sub-contractors might network with contractors who need their area of expertise to complete a project.