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The following resources should be used to prompt open and honest discussions about bullying.


Hover and click on each icon to access information and resources on bullying.

National Bullying Helpline



Discussion Prompts

Reflection Worksheet

Anti-Bullying Alliance

Discussion Prompts

Learners should choose from the following statements, and have a group discussion about it:

  1. "Bullying often stems from larger issues like insecurity or peer pressure. Why might someone bully others? How can understanding this help us to address the problem?"
  2. "What makes bullying different from joking around? How can we tell?"
  3. "How does being bullied affect someone's feelings and confidence? What are some of the potential consequences of bullying on both the bullied person and the bully themselves?" If you have time, rank these consequences by severity.
  4. "What can you do if you see someone being bullied in your learning centre?"
  5. "How can we foster an environment of acceptance and respect in our learning centre?"
  6. "What should we do if we feel lonely or upset because of bullying?"
  7. "How can social media make bullying worse, and what can we do about it?"
  8. "What's a good way to tell if teasing is friendly or actually bullying?"
  9. "How can movies and TV shows change what we think about bullying?"
  10. "What simple steps can we take as a community to make everyone feel safe from bullying?"