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What Does the Future of Sustainability at Fujitsu Look Like?

With the pressing issue of climate change and growing concerns for the future of our planet, adopting a sustainable business approach isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. That’s why Fujitsu are committed to creating a future that is friendly for all, but what does that look like?

The central idea behind Fujitsu Uvance is to create a connected and sustainable society where collaboration between governments, companies, and individuals is crucial. The key areas of focus for Fujitsu Uvance include:
  • Planet
Addressing global environmental issues and helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Prosperity
Facilitating the development of a digital society by empowering organisations to deliver continuous consumer value and business success responsibly.
  • People
Improving the well-being of citizens, communities, and employees by ensuring welfare and security are protected, nurtured, and supported.

Fujitsu Uvance

  • Hybrid IT
  • Business Applications
  • Digital Shifts
  • Trusted Society
  • Healthy Living
  • Consumer Experience
  • Sustainable Manufacturing

Uvance addresses cross-industry challenges through seven key focus areas…

Now, let’s hear from Yoshinami Takahashi, Head of Global Business Solutions at Fujitsu, as he provides further insight into the Uvance initiative:

Fujitsu aims to create an environment-first, resilient society where people can live in peace and prosperity. Fujitsu's Trusted Society works towards creating a safe, abundant, and sustainable society by using trustworthy technology to solve social problems in collaboration with governments, citizens, and business partners.

The need to digitalise is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses. With world-class engineering, Fujitsu can help companies to achieve digitalisation with global end-to-end solutions for migrating, modernising, developing and deploying cutting-edge applications on a range of cloud and hybrid IT environments.

To achieve a prevention-over-treatment approach to healthcare, healthcare services must be made more accessible. To do this, Fujitsu aims to create a people-first society by linking consumers, medical institutions, corporations and governments. With ‘Healthy Living’, Fujitsu will create a world that enhances the life experience of everyone and continues to expand their potential.

Fujitsu aims to create a sustainable manufacturing industry by leveraging its ICT, digital transformation, AI, and high-performance computing expertise. The goal is to ensure the entire supply chain is secure and traceable to foster a more harmonious coexistence between people and the earth.

Fujitsu endeavours to enhance the customer experience by promoting new ways of consuming. By streamlining retail processes and improving purchasing experiences, Fujitsu provides sophisticated retail-as-a-service solutions and a supply chain that is more sustainable and socially responsible.

Fujitsu aims to help organisations become quicker and more resilient using data and technology. This enables people to make informed decisions based on real-time data and analysis, which fosters creativity and innovation. With Fujitsu's Digital Shifts and FUJITSU Work Life Shift solutions, the company can simplify work and empower people to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Together, Fujitsu believes we can address social issues that go beyond the boundaries of businesses, industries, and countries.

A connected and sustainable future requires a robust infrastructure that allows close collaboration. Fujitsu can create this by providing a digital infrastructure that is safe and secure for everyone, centred on its core technologies.They aim to create a society that connects people, goods, and things in the world safely, solves social problems, and creates new value.