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Business Plan: Proposed Framework

Common Vision: Shape RSP Students into Future Leaders

Approach: An Integrated Collaboration

  • Lumi Quests follow an interdisciplinary, design-thinking led curriculum with a project-based learning pedagogy.
  • It utilizes the Socratic method to hone critical thinking skills, and a student-centered approach of active learning.
  • Entrepreneurial skills and action are woven throughout the quest. Emphasis on the process of learn, unlearn, and relearn.
  • Builds learner pathways from inquirer, thinker, to communicator while becoming empathetic to their peers, and developing consciousness of their local community and global issues.
  • The quest journey leverages Lumi's global community of educators, alumni, and industry experts.
  • The design and implementation involves professors from Stanford University and Imperial College London.

  • Integrate Lumi Quest as part of RSP's Classroom of Future, fully incroprating the Lumi Passport as a lifelong learning companion and credential for each RSP student.
  • Multiple integration models are possible
a) Elective vs. mandatory b) Initial launch for a specific grade level, group of grade levels, or group students from across multiple grade levels c) Inter or Intra School Quests

Lean and Agile Implementation Model

  • Design: Integrate the Lumi Quest into RSP's core curriculum
  • Pilot: Run a Quest pilot with RSP students during Eid holidays
  • Refine: Make changes to the program based on pilot learnings
  • Launch: Target launch of integrated program in the new Academic Session

RSP Resource Requirements

  • In the beginning, teachers have an Oversight Supporting role
  • Over time, teachers will grow into a Co-Facilitation role.