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Podcast Pitch








Production Process

Research Into Similar Podcasts

Target Audience

Overview of Content

Title and Description


Description: Jumpers for goalposts is a place for all style of football fans to gather and listen in to football talk that puts football at the centre of all conversations. Every discussion will involve in-depth discussion about players, teams and matches while maintaining the feeling of a casual discussion with a friend. An episode could cover all different football topics from the latest refereeing mistake to Financial Fair Play and its impact on teams. We aim to make listeners feel like they are fully engrossed and part of the discussion.

Title: Jumpers For Goalposts

Overview Of Content

The podcast will be mainly focused on football and different aspects within football (refereeing, VAR, FFP). It will involve in-depth discussions that will involve the use of stats and highlight popular opinions held by fans and discuss them and possibly challenge their opinions while also maintaining a friendly and comfortable atmosphere between friends.

My target audience will be football fans that are interested in varying opinions and in-depth discussions on tactics, players, managers and almost every aspect of a football club but who also want a podcast that is more laidback and not as serious. It will mainly be catered towards fans of the Scottish & English leagues but will include discussions about European competitions and leagues and football from the rest of the world.The friendly and relaxed atmosphere will attract casual football fans that want to hear football talk without the heated debates seen on tv, while the in-depth analytical side will attract the more avid fans.​

Target audience

The TIFO football podcast

This podcast when first released was widely well received by fans of the TIFO IRL YouTube channel as its panel was made up of the regular people that feature on the channel. It involved a light-hearted, joking and comfortable atmosphere that allowed for the panel to make jokes between each other and discuss different topics without the discussion dragging on or becoming boring. The Athletic (TIFO is a channel which is owned by The Athletic) then decided to change the way the podcast was made. They replaced the usual panelists from the channel with journalists and football analysts from The Athletic. Although the host stayed the same, the removal of the TIFO IRL panelists caused the podcast to become a more corporate feeling podcast.


The Rest Is Football

This podcast is hosted by Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker and Micah Richards. It is a light-hearted show that each episode involves topical discussions and stories from their playing days. It is extremely popular because of the stories, analytical and tactical insights from former players and the jokes shared between them.


Research into similar podcasts

This is timeline of the production process and then the marketing process

Production - Marketing


The podcast will be recorded on a pre planned day when the recording room is available for use.


the podcast will be recorded in a recording room in the college.



Production Process - Marketing Process


This will include posting highlights to various social media platforms, posting the podcasts branding, engaging with online communities and sharing the podcast within them, try and collaborate with other podcasts.



I will market the podcast by utilising social media and its potential uses for advertising.




This will include cutting out any long pauses, adjusting any audio discrepancies, cutting out any mistakes and making sure the podcast is within the length requirement.



i will then begin to edit the podcast once recorded.