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New teacher

By Amy


impacts on well being

Positive or negative

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Outline of the transition


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Support by teaching assistant



Outline of the transition: new teacher

  • This transition is where for many different reasons a class of students are getting a new teacher. This may be for something such as the teacher retires or goes on maternity leave. This can affect anyone who is still in some form of education. it can be planned if the job is only temporary for the teacher but it can also be unplanned if the teacher becomes unwell and cannot continue working.

Transition of a new teacher

Positive or negative?

This transition can have either a positive or a negative impact on the students. The positive impact it may have is getting a better trained teacher who can better support the class. This can be negative however if the teacher has less training causing the class to fall behind and struggle rather than excel.

Transition of a new teacher

Impacts on wellbeing

it can have both a negative or positive impact on a childs wellbeing. The negative impact would be the child feeling anxious or scared for the new teacher and feeling like they may not have a trusted adult in the class to talk to. A positive impact would be the child being exited to have a new teacher.

transition of a new teacher

The teaching assistant can support the children by finding ways to help get them all exited for meeting their new teacher. For example they may do an all about me sheet that the children can fill out to help them feel that the teacher will know about everyone and what they like/how they learn. they can also talk to the class anout the positives they will get from meeting their new teacher and why its a good thing.

support for the teaching assistant

transition of a new teacher


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