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So many organisations want to support their LGBTQ+ employees and colleagues - but instilling the spirit of Pride Month into everyday work often gets lost.Rainbows abound for one month a year, LGBTQ+ inclusion quickly becomes a ‘tag-on’ rather than something that is integrated into everything the company is doing, and true inclusion slips through everyone’s fingers. This workshop is designed to give you tangible, actionable tips on including LGBTQ+ people in your workplace.

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We'll help you to:

  • explore the basics of LGBTQ+ history
  • understand the challenges that LGBTQ+ employees face at work
  • build your own action plan on how to capture the spirit of Pride all year round

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About Us

Why choose us?

Jackafal was founded in 2022, with a passion for creating learning content that combines practical, inclusive content and engaging delivery.We make professional learning interesting, and we focus on including people. Jackafal offers a range of services, from workshop facilitation to bespoke learning design. We work with traditional and eLearning, virtually and in-person, to customise learning to best suit your needs


Client Feedback Satsfaction

100% client satisfaction for all feedback received from January 2022 to present, on a range of factors including inclusivity, communication, and efficiency.

Finalist in the Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the National SME Business Awards 2023.

We've worked with everybody from police officers to travel insurance salespeople, customer service agents to cloud developers, retrofit advisors to musicians. Our services are applicable to all fields.

We pledge 1% of all our invoices to charity as standard. Our chosen charity for Autumn/Winter 2023 is Magic Breakfast.

Madelaine Jones

From facilitating Diversity and Inclusion discussions with trainee police officers to platforming marginalised voices in LGBTQ+ publications, Madelaine has worked extensively in the field of EDI. A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community herself, Maddie’s hands-on expertise, coupled with her experience in facilitating for everyone from global corporations to schools, gives her a relaxed, friendly approach when tackling big questions and complex topics.


Course Facilitator

“From my own experiences in the workplace, most people want to support us LGBTQ+ colleagues, but don't have the tools to do that. I strive to make every session as practically-focused as possible, so we can alleviate that problem together."

This post-session activity can be accessed via our learning platform, Learnworlds. We can also offer this as a SCORM file to be integrated into your Learning Management System on request.

After your session, your learners will receive access to a post-learning course, expanding on what has been learnt in the session with more detailed tips and reference tools.


The session will include a mix of interactive activities and discussion exercises, as well as the chance to start build personalised steps towards action, to affect positive change in your organisation.

The session itself will consist of a 1.5 hour content session, delivered virtually via Zoom or in person as discussed with you.

Main Session

  • as an interactive link
  • as a SCORM file integrated into your Learning Management System
  • in a text-based accessible format

Before your session, you will receive access to an interactive pre-learning activity, including recommended watches and a reflection activity.


This pre-session activity can be shared with you and your participants in a number of ways: