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New Year Celebrations

Listen to me. Which two things are true and which is a lie? You can ask me questions about each thing.

What did you do over the holiday?Truth or Lie

New Year Around the World

What do you likeabout New Year?What do you usually do in your country to celebrate the New Year?Do you do anything special on New Years Day?

What do you know about New Year celebrations in different countries?

Listen which countries are mentioned.EnglandItalyAmericaSpainJapanVenezuelaaFranceGermanyPhilipinesScotland Denmark

Listen again and make notes about the customs in these countries.Why do they throw out old junkin Italy?What do they do for good luck in Japan?What colour underwear is good luck in Venezuela?What do they burn there?Why do they have fireworks inFrance?Why do children in the Philipines jump ten times?Where do they throw their old dishes in Denmark and why?

What did you learn?Which customs are the most interesting or strange?Are any similar to your country?


Warmer: What are they going to do?

Look at the pictures and complete the sentences with the correct form of going to.

What are you going to do?What are you not going to do?

New Year's Resolutions

What do you wish?I wish + past simple

How do these people wish their life to be better? Listen to the song. Listen again and answer the questions.

Make sentences using going to?

Can you predict the resolutions?