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Rise of the Guardians

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It is a memory

It is a future

Question 1/10

What is happening in this scene?

It is a dream

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Question 2/10

What game do they play every day?

Hide and seek

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Question 3/10

Jack is scared of heights.


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To be careful

To trick the sister

Question 4/10

What does Jack promise?

To play with sister

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Remember about their mother

Forget about a scary moment

Question 5/10

What does Jack ask sister to do?

Jack asks sister to take their turn in the game

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Нe always plays tricks, but not this time

You need to believe me

Question 6/10

What does Jack say about playing tricks?

Everything will be okey

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Jack tells sister look at mother

Question 7/10

What does Jack say about looking down?

Jack tells sister not to look down

Jack tells sister look at him

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Question 8/10

Jack saved his sister.


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Нe is scared of heights

Нe is a guardian

Question 9/10

What does Jack mention about himself?

Нe has a family

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He saw someone on the moon

He wanted to see the full moon

Question 10/10

Why Jack is focusing on the moon?

The moon that choose Jack to be a guardian.

Wonderful! You know everything about Jack Frost