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Class 8

Technology in the modern world

- Is technology important in your life? Why?-What technology do you use on a daily basis?- What piece of technology has had the most impact on society?-Do you think that social media is good or bad for society?


- Artificial Intelligence (AI)- potential- preferences- complex- futuristic

- millenium- autonomous

Vocabulary from the article

- What is AI?- The article explains some of things we can use AI for. What are these?- What are some of the dangers of AI?- Which statement do you agree with? Explain why.

  • AI will replace some professions.
  • AI will help most professions do their jobs more quickly.
  • AI will never be as good as people at doing their jobs.

Further Discussion...




I will print that paper for you.My phone has low battery. I need to plug itI can't log to Facebook as I have forgotton my password.

Verbal Phrases

Conclusion...What did we discuss today?