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First person to roll a 6 on the dice advances forward first. If you are unable to complete a challenge, then go back 3 spaces.







You have replied to all emails in the inbox in under 2 days! Go forward 2 spaces

There's an error in your data cleaning syntax. Can you spot where the error is?

Your VPN has disconnected and you cannot get into SPSS. Go back 2 spaces

  • The game can be played by 2 to 4 players.
  • Each player must choose a chip and roll the dice (just click on the digital die and wait for it to stop).
  • The player who gets the highest number will be the one who starts the game.
  • To play, each participant must roll the dice and move his/her piece to the corresponding square.
  • Some of the squares on the board have a special meaning.
  • If the player lands on a SURPRISE square, he/she wins the right to move to the next SURPRISE square, and can also repeat the roll.
  • If he/she lands on an X2 or X3 square, he/she must multiply the number on the dice by the corresponding number and advance that number of squares.
  • If he/she lands in the DANGER square, the player may not roll the dice again until another player passes through that square.
  • The winner is the one who reaches the "goal" line first.
  • IMPORTANT! These instructions are for guidance only. Feel free to edit the game in your own way and assign "prizes" or "punishments" to the different squares according to your preferences.

Tunbridge Wells have now submitted all their data but after the data cleaning period. Name 3 things to check for in order to merge their data successfully?

A hospital has registered for the audit after data collection has started. Can we help them and how?

It's suggested that routine assessments are imperative in initially assessing people with dementia in memory services. From this basis, how would you report the data on Slide 31 (bearing in mind reporting must be concise but clear)

The Steering Group have decided that length of stay should be part of outlier analysis. Out of the hospitals in this link, who do we report to HQIP and the CQC as outliers? (3 standard deviations away from mean)

We're about to run local reporting and final checks are underway. Does the data look right on the Investigations_Table tab? How do we fix the issue?

A hospital has reported an error in the local report data, and these now need to be recalled and re-disseminated. All players go back 5 spaces

Our patient and carer reps would like to see the proprotion of patients that received all three assessments (initial delirium screen, pain assessment and a discharge plan). How would you calculate in SPSS?