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Creative writing

Use your senses

Sight: How does it look?Sound: What/who can you hear? Touch: What can you feel? Smell: Is there an aroma? Taste: Can you taste something?Motion: Is something moving?

Describe your living room

  • Face- Her red eyes were brimming with tears
  • Body- head down with arms crossed
  • Voice- loud shaky voice



  • She w as upset
  • They were tired
  • The girl was cold
  • The man was alone


gives non-living objects human traits e.g. a toy speaks,thinks, eats etc.

states that two things are alike


Imagery - 6 senses

Include conversation between the characters in the story.

Describe the facial expressions, body language and tone of voice

Writing techniques


Show don't tell

Sight: How does something look?Sound: What can you hear? Touch: How does it feel? Smell: What kind of aroma is it? Taste: Does it taste like something?Motion: How does something move?

Story starters

There was a young girl who could not sleep…I’ll never forget my first trip to..“Ready or not, here I come!” shouted Millie in the distance.

Story planning