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AZORES ISLANDSThe Hawaii of Europe

Why would we go there? Well, let me show you!


Let the adventure begin

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Erm ok?...Can you give us examples of activities? What if I just want to chill?

Biscoitos Natural Pools on Terceira

Algar do Carvão in Terceira Island

Swim with the wild dolphins

Whale watching

Terra Nostra Gardens - Geothermal hot springs

Caldeira Velha Hot Spring

Lava Tube on Pico

More examples of mild excursions

The Azores Islands are known to be Europe's hidden gem.


What if we get hungry?

Not to worry because The Azores Islands are known for their seafood, fruits, sausages, and wine!

You don't want to live as an untold story.

-Stitch, Hanalei & Gigi

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