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China's absolute lack of soft power

How America's hegemony impacts China's image around the world



What is soft power?

Soft power is the ability to co-opt rather than coerce (in contrast with hard power). It involves shaping the preferences of others through appeal and attraction. Soft power is non-coercive, using culture, political values, and foreign policies to enact change.

The film industry is a great example - its generates billions into America's economy each year

You may think that you have escaped from propaganda...

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Important dates


Tiananmen Massacre led to embargoes


Beijing Olympics was a huge success, reforming a lot of its image


Xi Jin Ping comes into power


Donald trump was elected as America's president


Covid began to spread in the province of Wu Han

1. Social Media

Censorship from the west and completely separate platforms of their own - xianghongshu, for example, has gained a lot of interest from western media

2. Tourism

China has traditionally always handed out less visas than Japan and Korea, their neighbours that attract billions from tourism each year - why?

3. Film and TV

Much of Chinese music, TV series, and films are marketed towards their own country's audience, and this lack of interest can lead to a drastic change in their image

4.America's soft power vs. China's hard power

America's media is so influential and completely dominated over any say Chinese people have to say about their own country

Other examples

Some countries have extremely high soft power...


Japan is one of the best examples of well established soft power countries - it has managed to completely reform its image in the 21st century


Korea's soft power is surpassing Japan - it has one of the most influential entertainment industries in the world


Shah Rukh Khan is the most famous film director in South Asia today - many of his films, including three idiots and many others, are globally recognised.

Questions to think about...

A wonderful track record

- increase of censorship and mass surveillance- deterioration in human rights- internment of a million Uyghurs in XinJiang- a cult of personality- removal of term limits for presidency- banned private tutoring

The June Fourth incident

Protests started due to the death of a pro-reform CCP general secretary in 1989, during rapid economic development and social change in post-Mao China. Inflation, corruption, and crime was high during the time, and students called for greater accountability, constitutional due process, democracy, freedom of speech and press.

Delicious bats

- "The Chinese eat any kind of meat"- Gold rush in California - Chinese wet markets are portrayed in the western media as revolting zoos full of exotic species- Chinese restaurant syndrome

My fav!

- initiated trade war with China- "ChInESe vIRuS"- America's fear of uprising power- China's hard power is on par with America

International attention

Official motto was "One World, One Dream". It called upon the whole world to join in the Olympic spirit and build a better future for humanity. It was mainly used by advocates of Tibetan secession. 4.7 billion viewers worldwide tuned in to some of the television coverage - that's almost 70% of the entirety of human population at the time.It was also the first time that Usain Bolt broke the record as the fastest human alive.

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