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By Veer and Panth

Egypt is located in Africa near the North East.


Egypt is the only country in Africa that is linked with the Middle east.

Egypt covers 1.002 million km2 of land which makes it the 29th largest country in the world.


The eagle stands for the Egyptians' strength and power.

The color black symbolises the dark period of occupation.

The color white symbolises peace.

The color red symbolises the Egyptians' bloods in the war against colonization.

This is the Flag of Egypt

Flag of Egypt

The Nile passes through 11 countries : Tanzania, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt.
The Nile is the longest river in the world which is approximately 6,650 km long.
Most of the river Nile is located in Egypt.

The River Nile

Pharaoh Khufu was the first Egyptian king to build a pyramid in Giza. His Great Pyramid is the largest in Giza and originally towered some 481 feet (147 meters).

The Giza Pyramids were built to endure an eternity. The monumental tombs are relics of Egypt's Old Kingdom era.

It took 20 years to build.

Egypt is famous for the pyramid of Giza. The pyramid of Giza is a pyramid made from limestone but in the inside is made from granite.

The Pyramid of Giza

Studies suggest that the Red Sea was formed after continental drift. During the Eocene period the land of Arabia and Africa started drifting away creating an area of water named as the red sea.

It is one of the saltiest water bodies on the Earth. Typically, the salinity of other water bodies is around 3.5%. However, the Red Sea’s salinity is around 4.1%.

The Red Sea is an inlet of the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia.

The Red Sea

It is probably the same size as Australia.

It covers an area of 9.2 million square kilometers / 3.5 million square miles.

The sahara desert is the largest hot desert in the world.

The sahara desert