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How I view my process of professional development, told through a story of my personal life. I feel like personal stories are overlooked in social work, so let's see how I can incorporate a part of me into my work.


Early Life

  • Raised by my mom
  • Headstrong
  • Down to earth
  • Hard worker

  • Raised by my grandfather
  • Fatherly figure
  • Caring
  • Heart on my sleeve

  • Raised by my school
  • Real idea of community
  • Fuelled a thirst for knowledge
  • Safe space to learn

  • Raised by my friends
  • Enjoying life
  • Self love
  • Unconditional support

Big Changes

  • Highschool changed me a lot
  • Friends came and went
  • Grades slipped
  • Hard to sleep
  • Mental health declined

  • St. Jerome (church)
  • Relationship with religion changed
  • Raised in a Catholic community
  • Began questioning morals and values
  • Questions were disregarded

  • My identity didn't change...it evolved
  • Who am I?
  • Who do I surround myself with?
  • Who are my real friends?
  • Who is on my side?

  • My view of the world changed
  • Expanding my views
  • World religions
  • Global issues
  • Social Justice
  • New goals

What the Future Holds

What's Next for Me? I've been trying to let life take me where it's going to. I'm not in control of what the universe throws in my direction, I'm in control of how I react to it and how I choose to move forward.

What I Do Know:

  • I want to be able to listen to all kinds of stories and perspectives
  • I want to advocate for causes that need more attention
  • I want to educate and inspire others
  • I want to erase stigma surrounding the field of social work