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Forsaken vs Swedes

Christmas Bingo Board 18/12/2023-07/01/2024

Incase of tie Kits=1 point Dust=3points

10 basic Purples, Dex & arcane Avernic Lightbearer & Fang Max 4 from each raid

Torva Helm, Platebody and Platelegs

5 Pharos Sceptres from Pyramid Plunder

Masori Mask, Body and Chaps

Any 3 pieces of Ancestral, can be dupes.

Armadyl Hilt Bandos Hilt Zamorak Hilt Saradomin Hilt Ancient Hilt

All 3 Pieces of Voidwaker All 3 wilderness rings

Crystal Tool Seed from Zalcano

Virtus Mask, Top and Bottom. All 4 Axe pieces (can be from different players)

Trident of the seas (uncharged or full) Krackens Tenticle Abyssal Whip Basilisk Jaw Full Black mystic (hat/top/bottom/boots/gloves) Dragon Boots Occult Necklace Hydra Claw Uncut Onyx / Onyx ACB

5 Venator Shards from Phantom Muspah

2x Nightmare uniques Staff and egg off. Jar on.

Twisted Bow Scythe of Virtur Tumekens Shadow

Any 10x Cerberus uniques Stones and Jar.

All 6 Barrows sets completed

Any 10x Zulrah uniques Jar is ok 1 must be a mutagen

Any other purples from raids. Can also be dupes after other tiles are finished.

2 rings of endurance

1 Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed 6 Crystal armour seeds

2 Rev weapons, can be dupe 2 Upgrades for these weapons

5 PvM Pets OFF - Scorp, Chaos Ele, Skitizo, Jad, Nibbler

All unique Champion Scrolls. No Dupes

Abyssal Dagger from unsired or abyssal demon

1 of the below Draconic Visage Skeletal Visage Wyvern Visage

All; Hydra Leather Zaryte Vambs Zenyte + Onyx

4/4 cox 4/4 toa 2/2 tob


1/3 Platebody


2/3 Mask Body


Vw Blade Vw Gem Vw Hilt Ring of the Gods Treasonous ring tyranical ring

Ancient hilt Armadyl Hilt Bandos Hilt Saradomin Hilt Zamorak Hilt

Virtus Bottom Axe Head Eye of the duke Levithan lure

Whip ACB Basilisk jaw Dragon boots Hydra claw Kraken tentacle Mystic Hat Mystic top Mystic bottom Mystic gloves Mystic boots Trident of the seas Occult necklace Onyx


Twisted Bow Scythe of vitur Tumekens Shadow




10/10 mutagen


Imp Goblin Skeleton Zombie Giant Hobgoblin Ghoul Jogre Lesser demon




1/6 Armour 1/1Enh


Zenyte Zaryte vambs Onyx Hydra Leather

Skull of vetion x2 sceptre x2