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Studying Research in Business


Seminar 1

Session Objectives


Define the concept of research ethics


Identify the role of the university in the ethics of your research


Begin to apply the core research ethics concepts to you research projects

Task 1: What is Research Ethics?

With a partner, and making use of your lecture notes, can you write a definition of reseach ethics?You have 5 minutes to complete this!Over to you!
In lecture 1, we disucussed the role the univeristy plays in student reasearch.In the next 10 minutes, answer the following, and add a sticky note to the board:Do you recall what you, as undergradute students, are required to do?Who makes the decision about the ethics of your research?What may happen?What might you need to consider?

The University's Role in Reseach Ethics

Task 3: Key Principles of Research Ethics:Design and Data Collection Stages

We are now going to consider our research design and collection stages.In teams, you must design a poster that discusses one of the key principles of reseach ethics.The poster should include: a title, what it means, and why it is important.Each team required researchers, a scribe, and a project manager. These posters will be displayed in the gallery walk next session. You have the rest of the session to complete this. Further help can be found on the button below the picture.

In seminar 2, the gallery walk will take place.

Ethics are a personal code of conduct based on respect for one's self, others and surroundings and is governed by the principles or assumptions underpinning the way individuals or organisations ought to conduct themselves. Research ethics involves the application of fundamental ethical principles to research activities which include the design and implementation of research, respect towards society and others.Or, in other words:Ethics are like rules for how to treat yourself and other people. They're also about respecting your environment. Ethics come from core beliefs about what's right and wrong when dealing with other individuals or groups.Research ethics are about applying those basic moral rules when doing studies and experiments

Research Ethics

A defintion:

Voluntary Participation - Any participation in a research study is completely voluntary. What else?Informed Consent - human participants can enter research freely (voluntarily) - What else?Anonymity - protect the privacy of those who agree to participate in research. Why is this important?Confidentiality - the obligation of researchers to prevent unauthorized access to data collected from participants. Why is this important?Potential for harm - consider the participant's wellbeing. What would be included here?

Design and Collection

Things you will need to consider: