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I am currently a volunteer radio presenter at HBSA hospital radio, which has given me great confidence and people skills. This is a job I have had since October and It has given me time management and teamworking skills. It has given me motivation and structure for my week.


I am a Good Communicator as I have an easy time interacting with people making it easier to conduct interviews as I can create a good repour with people. I'm a Quick learner as I take to new information quite quickly and can apply what I've learned I have a very Creative and love coming up with ideas and seeing how they progress.


I am currently doing an HND Media and communication course at City of Glasgow college. This has helped me gain even more confidence and helped build my people skills. I also have IT skills and am good using several different applications, such as Microsoft, word and Microsoft excel.I have a basic understanding of web design and web management. As well as an Indepth understanding of social media and how it can be used to effectively boost brands online.


19 Kilbride Road Stewarton, KA3 3AB Moblie:07916452386 Email:darrellwilson2562004@gmail.com


Personal Profile Statement I am a very motivated individual and always set out to put others first on all occasions. I am a good communicator and am good at time keeping as I like routine and structure in my life. I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as wasted time. I approach any task or responsibility with an open mind and positive outlook to achieve my end goal.

Darrell Wilson

Achievements My biggest achievement to date is getting accepted into a HND course at City of Glasgow college where I have been studying since August 2022. References: mark fisher, HBSA: 07906687590