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Help Santa's elves collect presents

The elves will introduce you to Christmas traditions. Do the activities to help them.

Christmas Carols

In England, we sing Christmas carols.Carols are special Christmas songs. It is a tradition to collect money for charities.


In England, we put Christmas stockings on the fire place. Inside, we put candies or gifts/ presents.

Christmas Tree

In England, we decorate Christmas trees with baubles, lights and a star at the top. Santa Claus puts presents under the tree.

At the top, there are two red baubles. At the bottom, there is one pink bauble.In the middle, there are three green baubles.At the bottom, there are five yellow baubles.

Christmas dinner

In England, we eat turkey, gravy and Christmas pudding.

Christmas crackers

After dinner, we pull crackers. Inside there are: a chocolate, sweets, a paper hat,a joke....


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