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The History Of the atom

7. Thanks

5. Erwin Schrodinger

4. Niels Bohr

6. Timeline

3. Ernest Rutherford

2. JJ. Thompson

1. John Dalton


John dalton

Our journey begins in Eaglesfield, 1766, where the scientist John Dalton was born...Only joking, let's skip the boring part and save that snooze for later!In 1803, Dalton published his idea that all matter was made of teeny tiny things called atoms. He believed these to be solid spheres that couldn't be divided, and to be honest, he wasn't too far off! Impressive Dalton!

JJ. Thomson

Okay, now let's move on! Next up is... drumroll please... you guessed it! It's JJ. Thomson!Nearly 100 years after Dalton's theory, JJ carried out a few experiments that led to the discovery of the electron! He believed that atoms were spheres with negatively charged electrons embedded in them, which is why it is called the Plum Pudding Model, like currants in a Christmas Pudding! What a festive fact, you're welcome!

Ernest rutherford

The third scientist we're going to look at is Ernest Rutherford! Like JJ, he also did some experiments, specifically the Geiger-Marsden experiments. Basically, he fired a bunch of alpha particles at a very thin piece of gold foil to see how they reacted. He found that most of the particles reflected off the foil, which disproved JJ's theory (better luck next time JJ!). This led to the discovery of the nucleus, and the Saturian Model of the atom!

Neils Bohr

We're nearly there! The second - to - last scientist we need to look at next is Niels Bohr. Now I know what you're thinking, 'Bohring!' (see what I did there?), but just hang in there!Using Rutherford's theory and the theory of electrons, Bohr did calculations that led him to the discovery of energy levels in an atom! In 1913, he presented the Bohr Model (how imaginative) of the atom alongside Rutherford!

Erwin Schrodinger

See, only one more to go! The final scientist is Erwin Schrodigner (yes the one with the cat!)In 1926, Erwin proposed the Quantum Mechanical Model or the Electron Cloud Model of the atom, which treated electrons like matter waves and describes their wave behaviour! He won a Nobel Prize in 1933 for his findings, way to go Schrodinger!

Bohr and Rutherford propose the Bohr Model of the atom.

JJ Thomson discovers the electron and proposes the Plum Pudding Model of the atom.

Erwin Schrodinger proposes the Quantum Mechanical Model of the atom

Ernest Rutherford proposes the Saturaniun Model of the atom.

Summary timeline

John Dalton publishes his ideas that all matter is made of atoms.






Thanks for reading, I hope you learned loads about the History of the Atom! Okay, Lydia's out!