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Mandatory, Voluntary & in session alerts

Compliance newsletter - january 2024

These alerts appear on the BOPC, prompting shop teams to interact with FOBT customers to identify potential problem gambling.

Mandatory - A mandatory time alert is received when a customer plays for 20 minutes or more. This occurs every 20 minutes. Following a mandatory alert, observe the customer and interact where you consider their behaviour to indicate risk of gambling harms.

Voluntary - A customer can set their own time and spend limits to help them control their gambling. A voluntary alert is an indicator of potential risk of gambling harms, therefore a meaningful interaction should take place.

Advance Player Awareness Scheme - Chaotic play alert: customers frequently inserting cash in a chaotic manner will trigger this alert, which indicates volatile behaviour. Escalating loss alert: indicates when a customer has escalating losses in a short period of time. Both are significant indicators and a meaningful interaction should take place.

All interactions following a BOPC alert should be logged via the portal:Reporting & Recording Compliance > Social Responsibility Report > Customer Interaction & Problem Gambling

An SRR does not have to be a negative safer gambling interaction – positive interactions should also be logged.