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RQ, Lit Review, Method


4. Methodology

3. Lit Review

2. Research Question

1. Title



not too personal, since I am asking what they think about others?

Student Opinions on Whether Parental Support Impacts Youths' Tendency to Commit Crime.

Research Question

just the same as the title? and simple enough that it can be easily understood?

What Are Student Opinions on Whether Parental Support Impacts Youths' Tendency to Commit Crime.

Lit Review content

self identity, peer groups, hormones etc

Impact of parental support on mental health and acadekc achievement. (Wang, 2014)

Poor mental health can cause higher tendency for youths' to commit crime (Cuellar, 2004)

what increases youths' tendency to commit crime? (substance abuse?)

General sources on youths' committing crime...

Effect of parental support: "Positive parental practices are related to youths' well-being" (Boudreault-Bouchard, 2013)

Starting Broad

  • Study on whether youths commit more crime if mother is absent or if father is absent. Link to research on mothers more often being primary caregiver?
  • whether single-mother or single-father families are more linked to youth crime.
  • The effect of introducing step-families into child's life.
  • More youth crime when parents are cohabiting and umarried than when living together and married.

Slightly Narrowed

  • Study on specific gene impacting delinquency. But lack of research and other sources state it's more likley a result of divorced parents.
  • Mention Social Learning Theory on broken homes linked to more delinquency.
  • Research on youth crime when parents are divorced versus together.
  • But, study on how 'intact' (parents together) home doesnt mean it is a healthy dynamic, they could still be poor at parenting.

"negative peer effects on juvenile crime are significantly lower for teenagers with engaged mothers." (Diaz, 2023)

"crime reducing effects associated with parents who support and control their youth" (Wright 2001)

"Gottfredson and Hirschi’s (1990) proposition that parenting is the primary influence on children’s levels of self-control. " (Perrone, 2004)

conflict between parents and child - impact youth crime (Kim, 2008)

"experiencing child abuse may increase the odds of subsequent antisocial behavior but it does not predetermine criminality" (Kruttschnitt, 1987)

The fewer interactions the parent makes with child, the higher the participation in crime (quote study)

Narrowed to specific parental support and youth crime