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For every card created we'll donate €1 to the cancer research organization AECC who work to improve the quality of life of people with cancer and support research in the field. Everyone who creates a card is in with the chance to win 1 of 10 premium Genially plans for 3 years.

In the face of all the bad, the world has banded together to spread some good. Use this interactive holiday card template to share your 3 good things before the year is out. Here's how to participate:

A new tradition

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They say it brings good luck to share, before the end of the year, the 3 things (big or small) that have made you happy.Here are mine.

My 3 Good Things




Add your 3 good things!Click on star 1, it's a window! Edit the text and image. Continue with stars 2 and 3.

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Meditating in nature

Our minds are always racing. That's why I thought it was impossible to find time to meditate. But this year I did it! Now I do it every day, sometimes for 15 minutes, other times for 30. This time brings me a lot of peace and tranquility.What is your number one good thing?Write it here.

Meditating every day

You can change the flower for another element. You'll find resources on the last page.

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I also made some great dancing buddies

I am fairly young, but to see me move, you wouldn't know it. So I decided to go to dance classes. I haven't reached Shakira standards but now I have more rhythm and, above all, enjoy it more.What is your good thing #2?Write it here.

Going to dance classes

Naps and movies

Breakfast together

Beach strolls

Despite having little free time, my daily life makes me happy. I live near the sea, I have an amazing family, and I'm learning to enjoy the little things.What's your good thing number 3? Write it here.


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