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What does Multicultural mean?

Presentation By Zakariya Khan For Geography.

What Does Multicultural mean?

As you can see below, Multicultural means several cultures all in once society.You may still wonder, what does that even mean?Go on further through my presentation to find out more!

If someone was born in a multicultural area, that would mean that the area has people with many people from around the world with different languages, ethnicities, and more.

When did it all start?

Multiculturalism all started in Canada in the 1960s and became an official government policy.

Is luton multicultural?

Luton is a very multicultural city with 74,191 mulsims, 85,297 christians, and 39,580 people with no religion.

Many places on earth are very multicultural, such as: Amsterdam, London, and much, MUCH more.

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